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Coordinate Measuring Machines PRE 1568 Non-Contact Line-Laser Probe For Coordinate Measuring Machines SurfaceMeasure

2 Highly accurate, quick, and efficient

3 Introducing the new non - contac t laser probe The SurfaceMeasure makes it possible to use coordinate measuring machines, until now used primarily as inspection systems, as production systems, which can be can be used throughout the entire process, from development and prototyping to production. Allows the obtained data to be used for correcting dies, for example, by controlling the variability in mass-produced products, and feeding analysis data back to the preceding process step. Shortens the entire process from prototyping to mass production because the simulations can be used to compare prototypes with CAD data, check for parts interference and set clearances, and optimize machining settings. Optimized designs utilizing measurement point cloud data significantly improves the efficiency of the development process, even when no master model or CAD data is available for a product. Sur faceMeasure series The SurfaceMeasure lineup offers 3 models of non-contact probes using two different laser irradiation methods and measuring ranges. Due to this, Mitutoyo can recommend the optimal laser probe in consideration of the workpiece surface texture, operation method, etc., for each client. Development Phase Prototyping Phase Production Phase

4 Non-contact Laser Probe Benefits Measure workpieces without being concerned about their color tone or glos sines s. The SurfaceMeasure is a lightweight, high-performance, noncontact, laser probe developed for use with CNC coordinate measuring machines. The use of digital signals has eliminated the effects of signal deterioration on measurement accuracy and also improved measuring speed. Furthermore, by automatically adjusting the laser intensity and camera sensitivity according to the environment and the workpiece material, the SurfaceMeasure has achieved powder-sprayless measurement, providing a simpler and more comfortable laser-scanning environment. The large amount of measurement point data (point cloud) provided by laser scanning facilitates the development to the manufacturing. SurfaceMeasure probes can be used not only for dimensional measurement but also for modeling from point group data using commercial software, structural/fluid analysis, and data transfer to a molding machine as a tool for digital engineering. • Based on a CMM that supports quality assurance operations. • Allows the verification of non-contact measurement data with a contact probe. • Visualizes a shape that was previously invisible by establishing a plane from measured points. • Allows interchange between contact and non-contact probes according to the required measuring accuracy or workpiece shape. • Automatic probe change with a probe changing rack. • Allows for programming a series of jobs from measurement to report creation. Workpiece Main Benefits Reliability Hybrid Measurement Fully Automatic Measurement Data c ycling Modeling Point cloud data CAD STL CAT CAM RP CAE 2D-CAD Powder- sprayless measurement and high - speed scanning

5 Positioning control in a maximum of 720 directions enables high-speed scanning of even complex workpieces in the optimum orientation. Additionally, the use of a quick change rack allows you to make fully automated measurements while selecting “non-contact” and “contact” probes as desired. > > Since the laser intensity and camera sensitivity are automatically adjusted, stable shape data can be obtained even when the workpiece has multiple colors and varying degrees of reflectance. The flying spot type achieves high repeatability in edge detection that contributes to attaining best-in-class scanning accuracy (in the case of SurfaceMeasure 201FS). Measuring a color-sample plate Measuring a glossy object Note: Even after using the warm-up unit such as ACR3 (special order), it is necessary to warm up the laser for about 10 minutes. High- speed scanning Powder- sprayless measurement >

6 Specifications of the SurfaceMeasure Series Mitutoyo of fers an optimal choice of non- contac t probes to satisf y prac tically any desired combination of accurac y, measuring speed, and measuring range. The four probes that make up the SurfaceMeasure lineup operate on any Mitutoyo CNC CMM such as the CRYSTA and STRATO series machines. I tem / Model Sur faceMea sur e 4 03 Sur faceMea sur e 1110 Sur faceMea sur e 201FS L as er ir radiat ion method L ine L as er F l y ing spot Ma x . s c an w idth 4 0 mm 110 mm Ma x . 23 mm Ma x . s c an depth 30 mm 10 0 mm 15 mm Work ing dis t ance 66 mm 156.5 mm 57.5 mm S c anning er ror 8 μm *1 9 μm *1 1. 8 μm *1 PF orm.Sph. D95%:Tr :ODS: 36 µm *2 PF orm.Sph. D95%:Tr :ODS: 8 µm *2 Ma x . Acquisi t ion rate 6 0,0 0 0 po int s / s e c 30 0,0 0 0 po int s / s e c 25,0 0 0 po int s / s e c. Mas s 430 g 4 4 0 g 50 0 g L as er Clas s EN / I EC Clas s 2 [ EN / I EC 6 0 825 -1: 2014 ] J IS Clas s 2 [ J IS C 6 8 02 : 2014 ] L as er Ty pe Red s emi conduc tor S emi conduc tor L ine L as er Wavel ength 66 0 nm 670 nm Output 4 mW 2.5 mW 1 mW *1 According to Mitutoyo’s tes t procedure. (1σ/sphere measurement, probe alone) *2 According to ISO10360-8 test procedure. (4σ/sphere measurement) Sur faceMeasure L ineup Specifications

7 Sur faceMeasure Applications 4 03 Sma l l p a r t s an d h i gh - a cc u r a c y p a r t s . 1110 Ca r body i nne r pane l s , c a s t i ng s , a i rc r a f t bod i e s , and b l ade s . 201FS Sma l l pa r t s and h i gh - a c cu r a c y pa r t s . 403 201FS Measuring range 1110 15 50 57.5 40 30 51 66 183 147.5 110 (68) 100 106.5 156.5 267.5 201FS High sensitive and general-purpose measurement 1110 General-purpose measurement 403 General-purpose measurement

8 Data Processing Software An evaluation based on non-contact measurement begins with the process of accurately capturing the surfaces of a part that has been formed. The high-density point cloud data obtained from the surface of a part is uti l ized by MSURF for data analysis purposes, such as extraction of geometric features, evaluation of free-form surfaces and profi le shapes, and tolerance verification compared with master data. Furthermore, the development of data analysis into reverse engineering promises to be revital ized in the creative and manufacturing cycle that uses 3D data as its core. S of t ware On l i ne Off l i ne MSURF-S 1 MSURF-S 2 MSURF-S 3 MSURF-G 1 MSURF-G 2 MSURF-G 3 MSURF-I PRO MSURF-S ✓ ✓ ✓ MSURF-G ✓ ✓ ✓ MSURF-I ✓ MSURF-I Option ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ MSURF-MESH PRO ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ MSURF-PLANNER ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ This is a package of point cloud data processing software that allows you to perform operations from measurement to evaluation on the same platform when using non-contact laser probes from Mitutoyo. Point c loud dat a process ing sof t ware MSURF V5 . 3 MSURF V5. 3 sof tware packages

9 Calculates point cloud data measured by CNC CMM with SurfaceMeasure. Scanning paths can be created by simply defining three items: the scanning starting point, the scanning length, and the scanning width. > You can easily define these three items using the joystick while checking the camera preview. > If point cloud data or master data is displayed on the screen, you can define the three items by clicking on the data. This feature is convenient for creating a measurement path based on simulation and for specifying areas where data needs to be remeasured, both of which are useful in reducing the number of measurement steps. These operations can be easily carried out using the joystick. > It allows for the setting and execution of scanning paths and registration and deletion of the macro by using the joystick. Since measurement can be performed without PC operation, measurement efficiency is dramatically improved, particularly for large Coordinate Measuring Machines. MSURF-S can be started from MCOSMOS > Since a work coordinate system created in MCOSMOS can be utilized by MSURF-S, you can execute fully automatic measurements that merge “contact” and “non-contact” measurements. Scanning paths can be registered as measurement macros. > You can use the override function to modify all or some of the measurement conditions in the created measurement macros. > The sub-macro function is effective for measuring multiple units of the same workpiece. > The execution time of a measurement macro is computed from the measurement conditions & the coordinate measuring machine specifications. MSURF -S

10 Conducts analysis or comparison verification of measured point cloud data in reference to nominal data (supporting CAD data import). Color map of errors Color map of wall thickness Evaluation of steps and gaps Cross-sectional evaluation (dimension computation) Evaluation of surface curvature Importing CAD data > Support of STEP and SAT formats is standard. > Optional formats available include CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProEngineer, Unigraphics, VDAFS, Parasolid, Solidworks, and IGES. Comparison of cross-sectional shapes > You can cut point cloud data or mesh data to compare cross-sectional shapes or compute angles, distances, radii, etc. Creation of an operating procedure macro using the automation function > The automation function can record the operating procedure, including the execution of measurement macros. This function allows you to automate a series of operations, from measurement, to evaluation, to report creation. Planar shape comparison > Point cloud data or mesh data can be compared with CAD data, and the planar shape errors displayed on a color map. > Since wall thicknesses can be displayed on a color map, there is no need to cut the workpiece as is necessary with conventional methods. > A simulated digital caliper function enables quick evaluation of a wide variety of steps and gaps. > When evaluating the curvature of a surface, the angle R within the specified tolerance, for example, can be evaluated. MSURF - I

11 MSURF-G is the offline version of MSURF. It allows users to previously create measurement programs using CAD data. Therefore, users can start measurement immediately at the time a real workpiece is ready. Since MSURF-G is a standalone PC application, only requiring installation by the user, it helps preserve valuable CMM time exclusively for productive measurement. Note: MSURF-G cannot be combined with MSURF-S. This software is provided with various functions such as filtering point cloud data and mesh data. It also enables functions such as mesh data thinning out, highlighting, interpolation, and outlier removal that are unavailable as standard. Note: MSURF-MESH PRO has optional functions of MSURF-I. MSURF-PLANNER is software to automatically create measurement macros (surface form, feature form) for the line laser probe from 3D CAD data. Optimized data (travel path, number of probe head revolutions, etc.) of a measurement path will contribute to improvements in productivity. Automatic generation of measurement macros by MSURF-PLANNER. MSURF - G MSURF -MESH PRO MSURF - PL ANNER

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