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PRE 1578 Shop-floor CMM for measurements of gears MiSTAR 555 GEAR ANALYSIS SYSTEM Coordinate Measuring Machines 3x times faster* * in-house comparison Complete measurement of gear & root on one system High-speed measurement by 4-axis nominal scanning Suitable for shop-floor use New software with easy to use GUI 4 Advantages

Due to the high torque load applied, measurement s of both gear profile and gear root can be completed in one setup, saving considerable time. The new intuitive sof tware "GEARPAK Express"in combination with MCOSMOS enables measurement ranging from general measurement to gear and form evaluation. New 4 -axis nominal scanning technology enables high- speed measurement . The rotar y table for rotation synchronized scanning avoids collisions between the workpiece and the probe. Ideal for shop floor use due to the absolute scale sys tem (manufac tured by Mitutoyo) and real -time thermal compensation along with it s space saving design and open s truc ture. Conven t ional I n s p e c t ion Fl ow Measuring example with a stylus for contour measuring instruments. Narrow roots can be measured. N ew p rop o s al I n s p e c t ion Fl ow 1 2 3 4 Basic Configuration of MiSTAR 555 Gear System Shop-floor type CNC CMM MiSTAR 555 Rotary table MRT240 Automatic stylus changer FCR25 Data processing software for CMM MCOSMOS-3 Gear measurement and evaluation software GEARPAK Express Probe system PH10MQ, SP25M Please contact your local Mitutoyo Sales Office for more details Complete measurement of gear and root on one system New software with easy-to-use GUI High-speed measurement by 4-axis nominal scanning Suitable for shop-floor use Mitutoyo Europe GmbH Borsigstraße 8-10 41469 Neuss Germany Tel. +49 (0) 2137-102-0 Note: Product illustrations are without obligation. Product descriptions, in particular any and all technical specifications, are only binding when explicitly agreed upon. MITUTOYO and MiCAT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Mitutoyo Corp. in Japan and/or other countries/ regions. Other product, company and brand names mentioned herein are for identification purposes only and may be the trademarks of their respective holders. Find additional product literature and our complete catalog here. Coordinate Measuring Machines Vision Measuring Systems Form Measurement Optical Measuring Sensor Systems Test Equipment and Seismometers Small Tool Instruments and Data Management Digital Scale and DRO Systems