2 High Performance 2D New Linear Height Series LH- 600E /EG Feature 1: World-class accuracy Feature 2: Superior ease of operation Feature 3: Numerous functions and options Achieved accuracy: (1.1 + 0.6L /600) μm E xcell ent accurac y has be en achi eved by using a high - accurac y s c al e uni t and high - accurac y guiding me chanism manufac tured in our dedi c ated s c al e plant. Displacement accurac y when measur ing a height of 6 0 0 mm: 1.7 μm Easy operation with a single touch of a key Each frequent l y - us ed measurement t y pe is ini t iated by one dedi c ated i con -t y pe command key. Even a nov i ce c an immediatel y s t ar t measurement w i thout ins t ruc t ion. Color TF T LCD T his has improved l egibili t y and operabili t y. Unlimited USB memor y Compat ibl e models suppor t more than 2 GB of USB memor y. Power ful measurement /calculation functions (See page 4 for details.) Numerous types of measurement such as displacement /straightness squareness are possible in addition to basic measurement functions including height and circle measurement. This gage is also equipped with the 2-D measurement function, tolerance judgment function, and others. Standardization of measuring procedures Teaching the gage a series of measuring operations for a workpiece is possible (Repeat function). This function is ver y effective when measuring large batches of workpieces. Upon execution of the Repeat function, the probe automatically moves to the next measurement position (height). If an operation procedure manual is available, measurement can be standardised. Suppor ting quality control with statistical processing functions GO/ NG judgment is per formed real-time on measured data. Up to 60,000 pieces of data can be stored in the database, on which can be per formed various statistical calculations such as average, standard deviation and process capabilit y. Qualit y control is also suppor ted by graphic display of histograms. High-accuracy air suspension assists measuring T he L inear Height c an c an move w i thout fr i c t ion over a sur face plate using an air bear ing incorporated in the bas e, powered by the small buil t- in compre s s or. A s emi -float ing mode is als o prov ided that allow s measurement w i th the gage barel y float ing w i th no influence on the measur ing accurac y. T his mode is ef fe c t i ve in operat ions such as s c anning measurement of a ho l e or shaf t on a large workpi e ce and displacement measurement s per formed whil e mov ing the gage. Addi t ionall y, the power gr ip model (518 -352D -21 L H 6 0 0 EG) has improved handling operabili t y. Highly capable data processing unit T he high - per formance CPU suppor t s future s of t ware upgrading. Measurement re sul t s are output in CS V format , thus allow ing us er s to reus e thos e re sul t s w i th their own s of t ware. Versatile external inter faces A pr inter inter face is prov ided, whi ch is ins t all ed in the main uni t to conne c t a thermal pr inter or A 4 size pr inter. T he USB inter face allow s a USB memor y to back up and re s tore par t programs and measured dat a that have be en s tored. More over, the R S -232C inter face c an output measurement re sul t s to an e x ternal dev i ce such as a P LC ( Power L ine Communi c at ions). Numerous optional probes T his gage is prov ided w i th var ious t y pe s of probe s and interchangeabl e s t y li fle x ibl y compat ibl e w i th compli c ated workpi e ce profil e s and var ious measurement feature s . Mi tutoyo’s lineup of opt ions of fer s var ious interchangeabl e s t y li for ø 5 mm ball probe s , depth probe s , dial indi c ator ho lder s , etc. T he opt ional probe s e x tend their fle x ibili t y w i th an M2 / M3 threaded shank that allow s var ious CMM s t y li to be at t ached.

3 Numerous acce s s or i e s compat ibl e w i th many t y pe s of workpi e ce and measurement feature s prov ided in addi t ion to s t andard ø 5 mm ball probe s High - accurac y air bear ing that c an be operated in s emi -f loat ing mode whil e mak ing highl y accurate measurement s and full y f loat ing mode for fr i c t ionl e s s t ravel over a sur face plate A compl ete cordl e s s s y s tem w i th a buil t- in compre s s or and bat ter y, allow ing fr i c t ionl e s s movement on a sur face plate 144,78 mm (5.7 inch) color TFT LCD display Diverse inter faces Printer USB RS -232C Digimatic input [Rear panel (connectors)] Power s wi tch USB memor y conne c tor Main uni t conne c tor Touch signal probe conne c tor USB - FDD conne c tor A 4 - size pr inter conne c tor R S -232C thermal r inter conne c tor Digimat ic input conne c tor I con -t y pe command key s prov ide simpl e one -touch operat ion to dr i ve power ful func t ionali t y Ref l e c t i ve -t y pe linear encoder & guide achi eve wor ld - clas s accurac y

4 Func tions Single-touch Basic functions Other functions The touch of a single key automatically runs the instrument until the last result is displayed. This eliminates the need to execute key operations at each step in the measurement process, allowing you to concentrate 100% on workpiece inspection. Suspension key Operat ion guidance Numer ic key s Cur sor key s Calculation and other measurement functions Measurement command key s Tolerance judgment display Measurement command Measurement resul t Real t ime counter display Or igin s et t ing and probe s et t ing key s [A lphabet ic] key s Measures the height of an upward -facing sur face. Measures the diameter and center of a hole. Measures the width and center of an inner diameter. Measures the width and center position bet ween t wo element s. Measures the height of a downward -facing sur face. Measures the diameter and center of a shaf t. Measures the width and center of an outer diameter. Sets the ABS origin (absolute refe- rence origin) or INC origin (incremental origin defined by the user), switches between ABS/INC origins and sets the offset ABS origin. Measures the ma x imum height of a downward or upward -facing sur face. Measures the minimum height of a downward or upward -facing sur face. Measures the difference between maximum height and minimum height of an upward or downward facing surface. Sets the probe type, measures the probe diameter, inputs the probe diameter, saves the probe, loads the probe and shifts the probe position. Per forms c alculat ion, including angle. Displays a comment when operations are paused, measures the position of a hole with a tapered probe a.s.o. Suspends or resumes s y s tem operat ion. 2- D measurement 2- D or igin s et t ing, X- / Y- a x is s et t ing, Element re c all, Polar coordinate re c all, Coordinate dis t ance c alculat ion, 2- D dis t ance c alculat ion, 2 element s inter s e c t ion - angle c alculat ion, 3 element s inter s e c t ion - angle c alculat ion, P i tch - circle c alculat ion Tolerance judgment func t ion Tolerance /nominal value s et t ing, Tolerance judgment resul t output , Warning func t ions Us er- suppor t func t ions Swi tching resolut ion, Power s av ing func t ion, Swi tchable measurement speed, Semi -float ing measurement Par t- program func t ions Creat ing /edi t ing /exe cut ing a par t program St at is t ic al proces sing func t ions Basic s t at is t ic al proces sing, His togram Accurac y - compens at ion func t ions Temperature compens at ion, S c ale fac tor

5 Screen Display Examples Printer Output Examples Thermal printer output A4 printer output The measurement operation is suppor ted with graphics on the large LCD. A thermal printer that can be attached to the Linear Height main unit is available as an optional accessory. Result data can also be output to a commercial A4 size printer. St at is t ic al proces sing resul t Squarenes s measurement resul t: Numer ic display Squarenes s measurement resul t: Graphic al display His togram proces sing resul t To us e this func t ion, a Digimat ic indic ator or a lever head plus a digi t al Mu - che cker are required.

6 Frequently used Measurements and Specifications W idth measurement (Out side) Height measurement (upward ) Height measurement (downward ) Circl e measurement (Ho l e) W idth measurement ( I nside) Standard accessories Order N o. 518 -351D -21 518 -352D -21 Measur ing range (Stroke) 0 - 972 mm (6 0 0 mm) 0 to 38” (24”) Resolut ion 0 . 0 0 01/0 . 0 01/0 . 01/0 .1 mm (se l e c t ab l e) .0 0 0 0 01/.0 0 0 01/.0 0 01/.0 01”(s ele c t able) Accurac y (at 20) I ndic at ion accurac y*1 (1.1 + 0.6 L / 6 0 0) μm, L = Measured length (mm) Repeat abili t y*1 P lane: 0.4 μm (2), Hole: 0.9 μm (2) Perpendicularity (forward and backward)*2 5 μm (af ter compens at ion) Straightness (forward and backward)*2 4 μm (me chanic al accurac y) Guiding method Roller bear ing Dr i v ing method Motor-driven (5,10,15,20,25,30,40 mm/s: 7 steps)/Manual S c ale uni t Ref le c t i ve -t ype linear encoder Measur ing force 1N (automat ic cons t ant-force func t ion) Balancing method Counter weight balance Main uni t mov ing mode Full-floating(moving) / Semi-floating(measuring) air bearing A ir source Buil t- in compres sor Moni tor 14 4 ,78 mm (5.7 inch) CO LOR T F T LCD (320 x 24 0 dot s, wi th L ED backlight ) Ma x . number of programs 50 Ma x . number of measured dat a 60,000 (Max. number of data is 30,000 / one program) Power suppl y AC adapter / Bat ter y (N i - MH) Bat ter y endurance Operat ing*3 Approx. 5 hours (compressor duty cycle 25% max.) St andby*3 Approx . 10 hour s Bat ter y charging t ime Approx . 3 hour s (us able dur ing charge) Dimensions ( Wx DxH) 237x4 4 8x1013 mm 247x4 4 8x1013 mm Mas s 24 kg 24.5 kg Operat ing temperature range 5 – 4 0 / 20 – 8 0% RH (wi thout condens at ion) *1 War ranted when using the s t andard e ccentr ic 5 mm probe. *2 War ranted when using the Lever Head (MLH -521), Mu - Che cker (M -511). Perpendicular i t y for hor izont al dire c t ion is not def ined. I f the workpie ce is c y lindr ic al, measurement er ror may be obs er ved. *3 Opt i ona l large - c apac i t y bat ter y pack (12 A A F 675) fo r l onger bat ter y - p owere d op erat i on (8 hour s when operated and 16 hour s on s t andby). *4 Mi tutoyo does not guarantee the operat ion of all commercial USB memor ies . Mi tutoyo re commends thos e USB memor ies made by S anDisk Corporat ion or I O DATA DE V I CE, I NC. and that meet the following requirement s . T hos e that are not compliant wi th USB3.0 Those that have no security function such as encryption and fingerprint authentication T hos e that have no wr i te - prote c t s wi tch func t ion It is recommended to use the Linear Height on a sur face plate of high flatness accuracy. 1013 (39.88”) 68 (2.68”) 10 (.39") 288 (11.34”) 82.5 (3.25”) 237 (9.33”) 262 (10.31”) ø5 (.20”) • 5 mm - s tep probe • Ball - diameter cor re c ted block • Aux iliar y weight (2 pc s .) • Bat ter y pack • AC adapter • Power c able for AC adapter • Clear cover • Car r y ing handle • Cap • Hex wrench • Manual s et • I nspe c t ion cer t i f ic ate Uni t : mm inch

7 Optional Accessories (1) 12AAC072: Depth probe (2) 12AAC073: ø 20 mm taper probe (3) 12AAA792: Dial indicator (ø 8 mm stem) holder (4) 12AAA793: Probe extension holder (85 mm/3.3”) 12AAB136: ø 10 mm cylindrical probe (5) 932361: Mu-checker lever head holder additional auxiliary weights are required (total 4 pcs). Probes for CMM*1 912AAF666: ø 1 mm ball probe (coaxial type) 12AAB552: ø 10 mm ball probe, L = 55mm (coaxial type) 12AAF668: ø 10 mm ball probe, L = 82mm (coaxial type) 12AAF669: ø 10 mm ball probe, L = 120mm (coaxial type) 12AAF672: ø 1 mm ball offset probe 12AAF670: ø 5 mm disk probe 12AAF671: ø 10 mm disk probe 12AAF673: ø 2 mm ball offset probe, L = 35.5mm 12AAF667: ø 2 mm ruby ball probe (coaxial type) (6) 957261: ø 2 mm ball probe (coaxial type) (7) 957262: ø 3 mm ball probe (coaxial type) (9) 12AAA788: ø 4 mm ball offset probe (10) 12AAA789: ø 6 mm ball offset probe (11) 957264: ø 14 mm disk probe (12) 957265: ø 20 mm disk probe (13) 226116: Test indicator (ø6mm stem) adapter (14) 226117: M2 CMM stylus adapter*2 (15) 226118: M3 CMM stylus adapter*2 (8) 957263: ø 4 mm ball probe (coaxial type) (17) 12AAA715: Ball-diameter corrected block Thermal printer 12AAN048 for Japan 12AAN049 for U.S.A. 12AAN050 for EU, excluding U.K. 12AAN051 for U.K. (With connecting cable and special attachment) 12AAN052 Printer paper for rthermal printer (10 rolls pack) Measurement data are transmitted to external device (e.g. PLC) 12AAA804: Cable for page printer (2m) 12AAA807 (2m), 12AAG920 (3m) RS-232C cable 2 m/3 m (80”/118”) 12AAF712: Battery pack 12AAG245: Single large-capacity battery 12AAF675: Set with cover for large-capacity battery 12AAA787: Ball-diameter corrected block (for taper type contact point) (16) 12AAF674: Auxiliary weight (2pcs.) 12AAF634: 5-stepped probe *1 CMM ball and disk hard probes are available. Ball probes ø 2 mm 932377A, ø 3 mm 932378A, ø 5 mm 932379A, ø 6 mm 932380A, ø 10 mm 532328 Dis c probes ø 20 mm 532345, ø 30 mm 930 8 03 *2 St y li for CMMs c an be prov ided. Dimension L for contact point is the length from the side face to the center of the ball and is measured in mm. Balls without mention of material are carbide. Model workpiece (12AAA879, acrylic) for practice is provided (see page 6). A choice of peripher expand functionality (18) T hermal pr inter Many kinds of optional probes enable many types of measurement (1) (2) (4) (5) (6) ( 7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (3)

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