2 GO/±NG judgment by LED and display symbols • LEDs indicate tolerance judgment status – green for GO, red for +NG, and orange for -NG. Status is also indicated by corresponding symbols appearing on the display. Simple button layout and easy-to-understand pictorial keys • The pictographs are for frequently-used keys. • Cross-keys based on human engineering concepts are used to achieve better operability. Inside/outside diameters, maximum/minimum heights and displacement can be measured using a standard probe • Besides height measurement, Mitutoyo’s proprietary mechanism and firmware enables scanning measurement of inside/outside diameters, maximum/minimum heights, and height differences. • Best-in-class accuracy ±(2,4+2,1L/600) μm • Built-in air-suspension feature using an internal pump enables smooth movement over a surface plate. (Lower-cost version without air suspension also available) • Easy-to-view, simple control panel enables most measurements to be made with a single keystroke. • Eco-friendly product, operable for approximately 1200 hours with four AA alkaline batteries. (Four commercially available nickel hydride batteries can also be used.) • By installing the U-WAVE-T measurement data wireless communication system or USB communication driver in your PC, the optional functions that enhance operability, including output of measurement data to your PC, become available. The USB communication driver can be downloaded from the Mitutoyo website. (Communication software is separately required.): -and-updates “d2” is a generic term given to Digimatic output that supports up to eight input/output digits. ID measurement OD measurement High-Performance Height Gage QM-Height Series

3 No need to set the origin after turning on the power • The electromagnetic induction type ABSOLUTE encoder maintains the origin. Therefore origin setting when turning on the power is not required. (Except when there is a considerable environmental change.) Power supply • Four alkaline AA/LR6 batteries (standard accessories) • Also operates on four NiMH AA rechargeable batteries • AC adapter (optional accessory) External output • Digimatic and USB ports are provided as standard. Using the U-WAVE-T measurement data wireless communication system enables instant transmission of measurement data to a PC via wireless communication, which reduces manual input errors and improves data reliability and operational efficiency. Air-suspension feature • Pressing a button on the grip activates the internal air pump. The base rises on a cushion of air and is able to be moved smoothly over the surface plate. Note: Measurements should not be made while this function is in use as it will cause measurement error. QM-Height measures height, height difference (step), inside/outside widths, inside/outside diameters, circle pitch and also free-form surface maximum/minimum heights and height difference by scanning measurement*. QM-Height also remembers the immediately preceding measurement and displays the difference between results. *Scanning measurement stroke is approx. 1 mm above and below from the start point of measurement. To install U-WAVE-T, separately purchase the optional mounting plate (02AZE990). Probe elevation wheel • Used for measurement, allowing fine or coarse adjustment of probe height.

4 Measurement examples ID measurement Height measurement Runout measurement Min. value Max. value Height ID Runout Max. value Min. value After scanning the surface, the runout will be shown in the display as (Max. value - Min. value)

5 Height difference measurement (1) Height difference measurement (2) C A B Upper row: Meas. value (Height or Dia.) Lower row: Height dif ference C Height A Height B Height A and height B from the surface plate will be displayed. After measuring heights A and B, the height difference C between them can be shown in the lower row of the display.

6 Centralized Data Management 600 mm stroke type Without air-suspension: 518-242 , 518 -243 With air-suspension: 518-246, 518 -247 W i r e l e s s Transmitter U-WAVE-T IP67 type: 02AZD730G Buzzer type: 02AZD880G Misinput due to manual input can be eliminated, and therefore operational efficiency is dramatically improved. PC N o t e : U s e a c omme rc i a l l y a v a i l a b l e U S B m i c ro - cable (for communication use only). • The USB communication driver can be downloaded from the Mitutoyo website. USB output Receiver 02AZD810D U-WAVE-R USB-ITN-D USB Input Tool Direct 06AFM380D Measurement Data Network System M e a s u r L i n k i s a n I o T p l a t f o r m f o r q u a l i t y m a n a g e m e n t t h a t r e a l i z e s “ V i s u a l i z a t i o n o f Qua l i t y” by enab l i ng r ea l - t ime da t a co l l ec t i on from the networked Digimatic gages and global control and analysis. MeasurLink® is a registered trademark of Mitutoyo Corporation in Japan and Mitutoyo America Corporation in the United States. 06AFZ050 USB cable (A-microB) Digimatic output

7 Order No. Item name Small printer equipped with Data Logger 264-505D (CEE Type) 264-505E (BS Type) DP-1VA LOGGER 936937 Digimatic connecting cable (1 m) 965014 Digimatic connecting cable (2 m) 06AFZ050 USB cable (A-microB) Measurement Data Input Unit 06AFM380D USB Input Tool Direct USB-ITN-D Measurement data wireless communication system 02AZD730G U-WAVE-T (Transmission unit) (IP67 type) 02AZD880G U-WAVE-T (Transmission unit) (Buzzer type) 02AZD790D U-WAVE-T dedicated cable (Standard use) 02AZE140D U-WAVE-T dedicated cable (For foot switch) 02AZD810D U-WAVE-R receiver 02AZE990 U-WAVE mounting plate Measurement data collection software for Excel USB-IT PAK V2.1 Measurement data network system MeasurLink Optional parts that enable centralized data management Wired communication Wired communication Digimatic output 936937 Digimatic connecting cable (1 m) 965014 Digimatic connecting cable (2 m) E q u i p p e d w i t h t h e d a t a l o g g e r function able to store up to 1000 records of measurement data. Digimatic Mini-Processor 264-505D (CEE Type) 264-505E (BS Type) DP-1VA LOGGER Digimatic output 350 mm stroke type Without air-suspension: 518-240, 518-241 With air-suspension: 518 -24 4, 518-245

8 (94.6) ø7 147 ø14 ø19 47 90 1) 12AAC072 Depth probe 3) 957262 ø3 mm ball (coaxial type) 4) 957263 ø4 mm ball (coaxial type) 5) 957264 ø14 mm disk 6) 957265 ø20 mm disk 72 ø2 carbide ball ø8 (67) 5 30º ø8 ø3 10 72 (62) ø8 ø4 18 76 (58) ø8 59 ø14 ball (57) 2 ø8 48 ø20 ball (45) 3 Contact points for a wide range of measurements 2) 957261 ø2 mm ball (coaxial type) Contact points for a wide range of measurements (Refer to page 8.) No. Order No. Item description Depth probe (1) 12AAC072 Depth probe Interchangeable contact points for ø5 stepped probe (2) 957261 ø2 mm ball (coaxial type) (3) 957262 ø3 mm ball (coaxial type) (4) 957263 ø4 mm ball (coaxial type) (5) 957264 ø14 mm disk (6) 957265 ø20 mm disk (7) 12AAA788 ø4 mm ball (eccentric type) (8) 12AAA789 ø6 mm ball (eccentric type) Special holder (9) 12AAA792 Holder for dial indicator (10) 12AAA793 Holder (Long) AC Adapter 06AFZ950JA AD620JA for Japan/U.S. 06AFZ950D AD620D for the EU 06AFZ950E AD620E for the UK 06AFZ950K AD620K for Korea 06AEG180DC AD620DC for China Others 05HZA143 9x9 mm adapter (clamp underneath is required) 05GZA033 Clamp (for 9x9 mm adapter) 05HZA144 6,35x12,7 mm adapter (clamp underneath is required) 901385 Clamp (for 6,35x12,7 mm adapter) 05HZA173 Scriber* N ote: A gaug e b l o ck may b e re qui re d fo r t he zero - s e t t ing d ep end ing on t he probe or contac t point to be used. * Used for measurement s, cannot be used for scribing.

9 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 8) 12AAA789 ø6 mm ball (eccentric type) 86 19.5 40 7 ø6 ø19 ø8 21 22 ø14 85 ø8 (50) 15 47 28 22 10 ø4 15.5 6 20 52.5 ø15 ø8 8.5 22 18 13 ø8 55 44 47 ø14 9) 12AAA792 Holder for dial indicator 10) 12AAA793 Holder (Long) 7) 12AAA788 ø4 mm ball (eccentric type)

10 518-246 518-244 Dimensions Unit: mm 131 137 210 63 78 280 784 (1016) 115 350 (600) Standard accessories Order No. Item 12AAA715 Probe diameter calibration block 05HZA148 ø5 mm stepped probe — Alkaline batteries x 4 (AA/LR6) ( ): Range 0-600 mm / 0-24 in

11 Specifications Order No. Metric 518-240 518-242 518-244 518-246 Inch/Metric 518-241 518-243 518-245 518-247 Measuring range (Stroke) 0 - 465 mm (350 mm / 14 in) 0 -715 mm (60 0 mm / 24 in) 0 - 465 mm (350 mm / 14 in) 0 -715 mm (60 0 mm / 24 in) Resolution Metric 0,0 01/0,0 05 mm Inch/Metric 0,0 01/0,0 05 mm 0,0 0 0 05/0,0 0 01/0,0 0 02 in Accuracy at 20 ˚C Measurement*1 ± (2,4 + 2,1L/600) µm Repeatability*1 2 ≤ 1,8 µm Perpendicularity*2 (20 ˚C) 7 µm 12 µm 7 µm 12 µm Guiding method Roller bearing Drive method Manual (wheel) Measurement principle Electromagnetic induction absolute encoder Measuring force 1,5±0,5 N Data output ports Digimatic / Digimatic 2 / USB*3 Air-suspension feature Not included Included (for positioning only)*4 Power supply Alkaline AA /LR6 batteries × 4 (standard accessories) / AC adapter (optional accessory)*5 / Supports NiMH (HR6) rechargeable batteries × 4 Battery life guidelines*6 Approx. 1200 hours (without using the air-suspension feature ) Approx. 90 hours (when using the air-suspension feature ) Mass 25 kg 29 kg 26 kg 30 kg Size (mm) Stroke 350 mm type: 280(W) x 273(D) x 784(H) mm Stroke 600 mm type: 280(W) x 273(D) x 1016(H) mm Operating temperature range (recommended) 0 to 40 ˚C (10 to 30 ˚C) Operating humidity range 20 to 80 % RH (non-condensing) Storage temperature range -10 ˚C to 50 ˚C Storage humidit y range 5 to 90 % RH (non- condensing) *1 The indication accuracy and repeatability represent the values obtained from the height measurement of a flat surface using the standard holder with ø5 ball contact point. In the case of diameter, minimum (maximum) value, circle pitch or difference measurement, measuring errors may be larger than the accuracy ratings listed in the table due to variations in measuring force during a scanning measurement, which differs from height measurement. *2 Indicates the value obtained from the measurement of a straight surface placed perpendicular to the the base reference surface using the Lever Head (MLH-521) and Mu-checker (M-551). *3 Requires special communication driver and software. Consult your local Mitutoyo Sales Office for details. These can be downloaded from the Mitutoyo web site: *4 When using a model with the air-suspension feature, it is advisable to use a Grade 1, or higher, surface plate. Using on surfaces with scratches or unevenness may prevent the system operating to the specified performance. *5 The AC adapter cannot be used to recharge rechargeable batteries. *6 Battery life depends on the operating conditions. In particular, it is more economical to use the optional AC adapter to power the instrument if the application requires prolonged use of the air-suspension feature.

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