2 Spend more time measuring and less time reading manuals thanks to the M2 software’s straightforward and easy to operate user interface. Thanks to the familiar use of a touch screen, the M2 software can be quickly integrated into your process and drastically improve work efficiency. • The M2 software interface is available for use in both portrait and landscape mode, providing maximum flexibility for the display or mounting device of your choosing. • Gain access to many powerful features and an intuitive measuring interface whether you are using an optical edge equipped system or an externally generated crosshair device. Precise optical edge detection mechanisms provide accurate results as well as access to powerful, industrial grade, measurement functionality. Part programs and playback By using a saved part program file, users can playback and edit groups of measured, constructed, or created features. The playback guidance feature provides helpful instructions on-screen for successful playback of your part programs. When loaded, the part program files prepare the M2 software to repeat a sequence of feature measurement steps, exported measurement data, and printed reports. PJ -A 30 0 0 *A l l of the prof i l e proj ec tor s and t abl et s shown are exampl es and are not par t of the s of t ware P V-510 0 Touchscreen software control In addition to the conventional mouse interface, expanded touchscreen logic allows for versatile pan and zoom of the active part view. Thanks to this users can improve feature construction, data manipulation, and reporting task efficiency with simple pinch zoom, pan/swipe, or double click. Quick and easy measuring, with the innovative M2 software

3 Main features: • Compatible with most Mitutoyo profile projectors • Measure, construct, and define 2D features • Part program teach-in • Comprehensive measurement reports • Tolerance check according to DIN / ISO The system consist of: • M2 Metrology software • 2 axis interface box and 15 pin connecting cables • Power supply and USB cable • Machine bracket, RAM Ball, RAM arm, VESA mount (75x75)for mounting the optional tablet PC to the projector body. Optional but necessary accessory • Tablet All-in-One wit touch screen operation Microsoft® Win10 64 Bit is recommended Please consult your local Mitutoyo supplier M2 SOFTWARE FOR PROFILE PROJECTORS Intuitive and easy to operate 2D software with touch screen operation Graphics-based construc tions Construc tion t ypes such as inter sec tions and endpoint s can be created from within the graphical par t view. Geometric tolerancing With only a few taps of the screen, you can measure features, apply tolerances, set nominals, and view deviation result s. Repor t generation E x tremely flexible, the content s of repor t s and even the format ting allow for full customization of, header and footer graphic s, header information, as well as the data format. Advanced crosshair probe toolbox Available crosshair probes consist of “auto edge" and “simple” versions that can be used with Optical Edge enabled systems. Made for capturing points from edges automatically upon crossing the auto edge probe significantly increases measurement throughput. For Optical Edge systems only, a key feature of the M2 software, “EdgeLogic™” makes it possible to enable gesture-driven control of start and end measurement commands. Without the need for direct interaction with the software, you can now start and finish your measurements quickly and easily. PJ -A 30 0 0 with edge detec tor C o d e n u m b e r D e s i g n a t i o n 6 3 A A A 4 0 6 M 2 d a t a p r o c e s s i n g s y s t e m w i t h o u t e d g e d e t e c t i o n 6 3 A A A 4 0 7 M 2 d a t a p r o c e s s i n g s y s t e m w i t h e d g e d e t e c t i o n Tablet optional

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