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Vision Unit


This vision system retrofit for microscopes allows you to complete your measurement in one easy step with its automatic edge-detection tools and various macro icons.
The Vision Unit offers you the following benefits:

  • Easy operation due to the graphics and measurement navigation functions.
  • Image data input/storage function.
  • Measurement results are output to Microsoft® Excel®; this lets you generate an inspection table on the same computer.
  • The unit allows you to verify that measurement results are within the tolerance zones and to carry out various types of statistical processing for each item.
  • Combined use with the focus pilot gives you high accuracy in height measurements (patent pending).
  • You can perform a series of measuring operations using just one screen display.
  • The auto-brightness control function reproduces type and degree of illumination used.
  • Easy to use, single mouse-click edge-detection tools
  • Template tools for comparative analysis.
  • Video image capture.